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In his book entitled “Heaven”, Randy Alcorn offers the following thoughts regarding how the imagery of the Church as the Bride of Christ should impact our corporate life as the people of God…

“Some have portrayed the beatific vision (i.e. seeing God one day in all His glory) as a pursuit in which every person seeks God individually.  It is characteristic of our Western cultural independence that we think of Heaven in highly individualized ways.  But God also views us corporately, as Christ’s bride, as part of a great eternal community in which we’ll love our Lord together and undertake cooperative pursuits for His glory.  We will always be individuals, but Heaven will not be a place of individualism.

We aren’t individual brides of Christ; we are collectively the bride of Christ.  Christ is not a polygamist.  He will be married to one bride, not millions.  We belong to each other and need each other.  We should guard not only our own purity, but each other’s.  We are our brother’s keeper.

The fact that countless professing Christians are not part of a local church testifies to our over-individualized spirituality.  Scripture teaches that we need each other and should not withdraw from each other’s fellowship, instruction, or accountability.  It’s unbiblical to imagine that we can successfully seek God on our own (Hebrews 10:25.)  Because we will be part of a community of saints that constitutes the bride of Christ for eternity, and because we will worship and serve him together, to prepare properly for Heaven we must be part of a church now.”

Well said!


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John Piper offers a helpful meditation on why Jesus taught His disciples to begin praying with the request, “Hallowed be Thy name…”  You can read it here http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/1701_the_most_important_prayer_request_in_the_world/ .

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Dr. Gene Veith has an interesting post explaining Luther’s doctrine of vocation.  I have found the study of this doctrine to be very edifying for me personally.  Dr. Veith’s article is an excellent introduction to the doctrine.  You can find it here http://www.ligonier.org/blog/2009/03/authority-in-vocation.html

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Having preached systematically through several books of the Bible, I have found that certain themes tend to pop up repeatedly as you work through a single book.  Some people find this frustrating and boring because it can seem repetitive.  But is this a bad thing???

Mike McKinley has an interesting post on why it is not a bad thing to preach lengthy sermon series through books… even if the series results in some repetition of themes.  You can read it here http://blog.9marks.org/2009/03/repetitive-preaching.html .

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The new 9 Marks E-Journal has been posted.  The focus of the e-journal is practical advice for young pastors.  It is worth the time to read.  You can read it at the 9Marks website (found here http://9marks.org/ ) or view it in PDF format here (http://involve.9marks.org/site/DocServer/ejournal0962.pdf?docID=621 .)

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John Piper posted a brief exhortation regarding keeping the gospel “of first importance”… Read it here http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/1687_never_let_the_gospel_get_smaller/ ,

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Dr. John Piper posts some thoughts on how God’s love is unconditional… and how it is not…

You can find it here http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/1645_is_gods_love_unconditional/ .

This worth reading… then praise God for the fact that we love Him because He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sin (I Jn 4:10)!!!

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