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Thom Rainer recently posted 7 characteristics of highly evangelistic Christians.  I found them convicting and helpful.  They are as follows:

1. They are people of prayer.
2. They have a theology that compels them to evangelize.
3. They are people who spend time in the Word.
4. They are compassionate people.
5. They love the communities where God has placed them.
6. They are intentional about evangelism.
7. They are accountable to someone for their evangelistic activities.

You can read the whole post here http://www.thomrainer.com/2010/03/seven-characteristics-of-highly-evangelistic-christians.php.

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Tim Challies recently posted some thoughts on whether or not doctrinal error is sin.  I found his post to be clear, thoughtful and to the point.  It is worth reading.   You can find it here http://www.challies.com/christian-living/a-captive-conscience.

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Kevin DeYoung is one of my favorite bloggers right now.  He is a bright guy with an awful lot to say.  Recently, he posted a series of articles on Dealing with Disappointment in the Church which were excellent.  He approaches this issue from the perspective of both the pastor and members of the congregation.  These are well-thought out and insightful posts… certainly reading.  You can find Part 1 here http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2010/04/07/dealing-with-disappointment-in-the-church-1/, Part 2 here http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2010/04/08/dealing-with-disappointment-in-the-church-2/ and Part 3 here http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2010/04/09/dealing-with-disappointment-in-the-church-3/.

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I came across this blog post today by Tim Keller and I thought it was very thought provoking.  In summary, he suggests five things which the church needs to take seriously in order to engage the world in which we live:

1) The local church has to support culture-making.

2) The local church needs a renewal of apologetics.

3) There need to be greater variety of church models.

4) The church must develop a better theology of suffering.

5) We need a critical mass of churches in the biggest cities of the world.

A couple of these will require greater reflection on my part… but, all in all, I think he has a point.  Read the post for yourself (found here http://theresurgence.com/handle_the_big_issues.)

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