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In a brief, but helpful post, Ray Ortlund gives us 6 ways in which we should respond the high rate of biblical illiteracy in our churches today:

1) Memorize the Bible together as a church.

2) Gather a small group of eager men and go deeper.

3) Read the Bible in every worship service.

4) Preach from the Bible and the Bible only.

5) Approach church problems and opportunities with explicit references to the Bible, chapter and verse.

6) Saturate your church’s children and youth with the Bible faithfully and enthusiastically, week by week, year by year, and they will still be drawing strength from it fifty years from now.

You can read the whole thing here http://christisdeeperstill.blogspot.com/2009/01/on-our-watch.html .

This isn’t rocket science… but unfortunately, many of our churches fail to do the obvious. 

May God forbid that we be guilty of neglecting the Bible in our churches and ministries!

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I read an interesting post today about Hunter Street Baptist Church in Hoover, Alabama, where 800 people have read through Dr. Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” (yes… all 1,290 pages!) in small groups.


Have you read Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology”?  It is probably overall my favorite theology textbook.  Dr. Grudem has a way of presenting theology in a very practical and devotional manner.  His book is absolutely worth reading.  Get a copy and read it.  Even better… get several copies and read it with your small group!

You can read the whole post about Hunter Street Baptist Church here http://zondervan.typepad.com/koinonia/2008/09/hunter-street-b.html.

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